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Magnum Gas Storage

Magnum is currently developing Magnum Gas Storage at the Western Energy Hub. Magnum Gas Storage will be the first high-deliverability storage facility in the Rocky Mountain Region. The facility will contain 4 solution mined storage caverns capable of storing 54 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas. It will be interconnected with the interstate natural gas pipeline system by a newly constructed 61-mile-long header pipeline. The true benefit of solution mined storage caverns is that the purpose-built cavern design facilitates the easy injection and withdrawal of stored products. This speaks directly to the functionality of a high-deliverability storage service. Magnum Gas Storage can rapidly cycle natural gas in and out of caverns multiple times a year to meet the fluctuations of consumer demand and renewable energy sources. This is very different from gas storage facilities utilizing natural geologic traps or aquifers where access to stored products is on a seasonal basis.

At this time, Magnum has completed the necessary environmental compliance studies and received all of the required federal, state and local permits to begin Project construction.

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